Making the most of Bonhams auctions

Bonhams Auctions have long been in the staple of any serious classic car enthusiasts in the United Kingdom. Here the entire range of the classic car market Will have passed through at some point, I have long been a regular attender of these fantastic events and have managed to by a number of bargains over the years that have been auctioned off had a much lower price then I would have been able to buy them in a private sale.

bonhams auctions

An auction at Bonhams not only has a massive following, it also has a long standing history. After the first being established in 1836, the classic car auction house has come from strength to strength. Of course over the years, the types of cars that are on sale have gradually changed, these days we are seeing price tags sometimes in excess of several million pounds depending on the model of car being auctioned off. As with all car auctions there are a set of rules and he certainly code of conduct that people will expect you to abide by when you attend.

How to get a classic car bargain at Bonhams auctions

The key way of getting yourself a great deal at an auction such as Bonhams auctions is to not get too emotionally attached to any particular car, this is easier said than done however especially when it comes to wear classic cars. I myself know first hand that if you have been waiting for months for a car to go on sale, it can be very easy to get carried away doing the bidding process, this is particularly true when the motor vehicle is positioned right in front of your very eyes.

It is also important when attending an auction, to avoid getting into any sort of bidding war. Bidding wars can often inflate the price of the vehicle, the process becomes emotional rather than logical and any previous Game plans consume go out the window. By doing this you can often find that you have paid over the odds for a particular vehicle, far more than you would have perhaps ever intended paying for a classic car.

Are Silverstone auctions or Bonhams the best car auctions in the UK?

As a car loving country, the United Kingdom certainly punches above its weight when it comes to the number of classic car sales in the country. The great number of sales is partly due to fantastic auction houses and events such as Silverstone auctions, which offer a massive selection of vintage cars to choose from on a regular basis.

silverstone auctions

When most people think of Silverstone, they will typically think of the formula 1 race track that is often featured on popular shows such as Top Gear. Not many people will know that there is actually a regular auction held at the track on a regular basis, this is because it is largely attended by vintage car affecionados and it’s one of the U.K.’s best kept secrets!

Just why are Silverstone auctions becoming so popular?

The reason that Silverstone auctions I’ll becoming so popular, is because there has been an increasing demand for classic cars in general. These days Rich Chinese investors are coming to the UK in search of classic vehicles to invest in as an asset rather than purely wanting to drive them, as was the case is past years. The great thing about these car auctions is that they offer a wide range of vehicles, where as some of the other auction houses simply offer a range of classics these cater to sports cars as well.

If you’re lucky and you choose the right day, you can also lend yourself a bargain at the higher end of the car market. You won’t find you everyday road cars here, however sports cars and supercars can often be picked up at a reduced price.